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26th September 2002

5:39pm: goodbye.
this journal is over. i'm moving again.

if you still want to read my journal add me on ______kid ^^
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25th September 2002

5:09pm: .....
OMFG. In this music show we can ask them to play one of the songs in the top and today they might play TGUK and ALKALINE TRIO! I turned on tv and they were saying the possible videos and I almost freaked out. ;D
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24th September 2002

9:48pm: ah ah ah

ah aha ah i never thought blink 182 could be considered metal.

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3:31pm: :P
I finally got the friends only journal and i must confess i love it. wohoo i'm so happy and while I was doing it I found that generator is not the best style for livejournal so I put the same style that I have on the friends-only journal here. Check it.

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23rd September 2002

9:52pm: why do i feel like posting crap.
why do i keep thinking in things i could post at my livejournal. i'm so getting addicted to this. i always have to check if my userinfo is perfect + if someone commented + if everything matches + i'm always thinking in cool ikon ideas + i love livejournal and i want to own all the usernames i like. lol

i'm getting insane but i do need a secret livejournal really fast so i can express my feelings on some dude that is in my school *drools*. i want a code. yes i do. ;D

I cant talk about how much I love this song because this song reminds me of the dude and then I will start talking about him. But I LOVE this song so much so much so much. I listenned to it all day long. I want to make it mine. Its definatly my favorite STD's song EVER.

"There's a beautiful sky tonight and if you were by my side, then we could share it but your gone."
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7:03pm: I'm bored and tired. My domain is down and I put a new layout up yesterday crap :O
No one visits my blog so I decided to put a new layout up, but I don't have to time to do it with school and stuff and I'm so tired. I have to clean my room today and its blah gonna be boring. I have to work on new linkin buttons and I have to do homework and dinner and so many more more more things + last night I went to bed at 3:20 am because I was watching "Urban Legen". I really like that movie... but i've seen betters before. I have to stop blabbing because well I have to.

Sorry for this entrie being soooo boring.

PS- why is the subject punk/prep/skater soooo overtalked in these days?
PS 2 - i need a livejournal code.
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22nd September 2002

9:32pm: junk 3
ahahahahha muwahahah buahahaha ah ah ah the origianl version of "tainted love" is so frickin amusing. i love it ahahaha i cant stop laughing.

if you like the cover by marilyn manson, download "tainted love" by human league, you'll find it so funny.

anyways, new layout :)
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7:00pm: :O
i've worked on new layouts for d-t.org all day, i'm so tired and i still have to do the coding for 7 pages + gbook. kill me.

i woke up early to pick something at my friend's house and to buy a new backpak.

yesterday i got new cool pants, they are large and tainted in used purple + used hotpink, i bought them in some flea market (sp?) <3 <3


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21st September 2002

10:39pm: happy bday <3
its xglowing_undies bday!!
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20th September 2002

9:38pm: cough.

sounds familiar? It sounds familiar to me to.

But its NOT MY PROFILE. I have a fucking poser.

This is my profile -> http://www.candied.net/slice/member.php?action=viewpro&member=xxnerd

and my username is xxnerd :O


PS - i realized she said she was a mod at a bbs i am, actually she said she was me.
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19th September 2002

6:31pm: 28
There is this thing on tv and they are showing old tv shows with soundtrack. I remember Kit (that talking car) + McGyver (i'm not sure if I spelled it correctly, but its that guy who could make like gun from rope and a lightswitch lol) + Fame + some more. Really cool. I am emotioned right now. I can't remember old things that I start crying :(

Then this really freacky thing happened. The other day my mom found an old album (not a cd, but a DISC - vinyl), it was Dare! by Huma League and I dunno why but I kept it. Today I just saw that tv show and they talked about them and even played a clip. This kind of things happen all the time to me. Like I have signals about things that are going to happen or even dreams. Like awhile ago I saw this guy on the bus and I thought he was okay. That night I dreamt he wanted to meet me. And like 3 weeks after, I got a message from him, he really wanted to meet me.

I will just forget about that, I beter.

Today school wasn't that bad. The weather was actually bad, it was rainy and dark and windy and classes were boring, our french teacher is a bitch, she talks to us like if were retards and she was the queen of the school. She was like "I-have-simple-rules-and-if-YOU-*rolling eyes*-don't-obey-them-YOU-*rolling eyes again*-will-suffer-the-consequences." :/ eww *pukes*. There is this guy at school that hmm.. he's kinda cute with not-so-short and not-so-long hair + big blue eyes and he's hot. All the girls stalk him and stand there drooling at him. I personally think he's not that awwesome and I don't like him and I don't drool at him. lol
After school I was eating and my friend made laugh and I almost choked and I was horrible + I fell on the bus + when I got home it was raining and I realized I couldn't enter my house because I didin't have my keys, so I decided to call my mom and I realized I had no cellphone so I yeah I had to call her from the market and I waited centuries for my dad to come and borrow me his keys + I have some arts stuff to get and I'm too lazy.

I think this entrie is kinda big. I dunno the point of big entries because mostly of my big entries get like 1 comment and short ones can get 4 or 5. ah well w/e.

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6:28pm: junk xx
#1 Everyone asked me which hannah I wanted to kill because of my new sn lol.

#2 Tomorrow school starts and I really am not having time for my sites. Each day my domain gets less visitors and I just don't feel like doing anything about it.

#3 Today was really funny. I really <3 my bff. Its so cool how we always think the same things... Today we were at this cd store and they started playing Britney S. and we said like 2 secs after the music started "OH NO! NOT BRITNEY" really loud. lol It was just something that freaked me out lol and we both left the store right in that moment. I can't stand musical polution :/

#4 And we saw this guy, he was like sooper cute. I MEAN REALLY REALLY CUTE. Oh god X_x I freaked out badly when I saw him. I felt like quoting The donnas "You're just making me go insane.
I see you sitting there and don't know what to do
'Cause I just wanna French kiss you " ahaha. lol
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18th September 2002

12:26am: :O
new chucks. new black spiked bracelet. new black w/t deeppink rubber spikes bracelet (BIG ONES LOL). new socks matching jacket i bought the other day (white black red). new home-made black armwarmer. new school stuff.

school starts tomorrow. i'm so frickin nervous. wish me luck. wish me luck.
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17th September 2002

10:51pm: aha aha aha aha aha aha
my sn is "kill hannah xxxx" and btw on the "girl out to save the world" its because of one of my fav sites who deserves a plug -> lucky.

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7:27pm: thanks toxickitty
Playlist!!!! click here :)

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4:22pm: :o

Does anyone knows where to click (in winamp) to make my playlist an html document?.. I forgot :/
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16th September 2002

4:52pm: he was a boy she was a girl can i make it any more RIDICULOUS???
i'm about to puke. save me.

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2:35am: do not read this if you are sensible.
otep is considered nu-metal and the songs are disturbingly emotional but still metal...

jonestown tea DISTURBINGCollapse )
Current Mood: disturbed

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14th September 2002

3:13pm: hey
My mom said she might let me paint a wall. She told me to draw in paper what I want to paint so she would approve it or not.

Right now I'm listenning to my fav song by otep. Its called jonestown tea and it makes me feel so depressed but i love it. It has like +9 minutes but you just don't get sick of it, ya know? Its one of those songs you can listen to over and over and all you ever think is that you're going insane. w/e

otep...infection two
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13th September 2002


MOM: bitch who bitches all the times and then comes with sweet bullshit on how she loves me very much. FUCK HER.

DAD: thinks he's such a good dad but he only watches tv and reads newspapers. He never has money to buy me stuff but then he gets laptops and new cells all the time.

HOUSE: Its okay but I cant paint my walls in black.

:X cries--
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12th September 2002

6:31pm: :%!/
I hate my livejournal, my username, my user pics and my comments link. I also hate my life, my room and i hate the fact i dont have a gigant poster of any of my fav bands. I hate my hair color and I hate the fact I don't have any clothes. I hate my dad for not buying me a guitar and I hate my mom for always saying everything I like sucks. I hate you and I hate everyone else and I hate that no one offline hates me. Also I hate the fact everyone looks at me like if I was so cool when I'm not. I hate my short nails and I hate my country.

I'm not feeling okay and I hate that too.

I hate myself
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11th September 2002

12:39am: suckled__
host & feedback wanted -> http://www.dangerous-type.org/suckled__/


EDit: I've drank litres of coke and I ate sour jelly tiny shaped bottles and my stomach is totally cranked up. I feel like I'm gonna puke.

NEW LJ colors :P

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10th September 2002

8:09pm: I feel so bad.
School starts next week and I still can believe it. So much has changed. I don't feel the same person anymore and I don't see things the same way anymore. I wish so badly I could go to a place where no one knew my name and then I could sit away from everyone listenning to my music and possibly writing or reading something interesting. That is all wish right now. I'm so sick of doig everything because my "friends" do it and have to talk with all the elite people because if i'm not with them i'm against them. Its just not me and never was. I just wanna be ALONE. But if I get to be alone one minute I bet tons of people will sit near me and hug me and say "what's wrong dear? tell us!" and all I'M GONNA SAY IS: "NOW YOU BUGGED ME everything is wrong.". I MEAN WTF? When I'm feeling really bad and needing help where is everyone? dancing, laughing, having fun so screw them. I DONT NEED ANYONE. I JUST NEED MY MUSIC and everything will be okay.

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11:22am: ...
I'm so bored.
Current Mood: bored

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9th September 2002

12:51am: I'm so xcited.
Well, papa roach is coming to portugal 15th october and the first part of the concert will be by MURDERDOLLS. OMG this is amazingly exciting, If I can't go I will hang myself from the window. lol.
I'm extremely excited but my friend is not sure if she can goes so we going to lie a lil bitt, her daddy is kinda blah in these things. She can't listen to music like slipknot and stuff so her dad is not going to know about murderdolls and we will only show him a few "light songs" by papa roach. I KNOW ITS NOT HEAVY METAL but for her dad anything heavier than hmm.. sum 41 is cough HEAVY METAL DARK METAL GOTHIC METAL LOL. That's it. Me = happy.
Current Mood: happy

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